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ARCHIVE - CINEMA - Adrienn Pál / Adrienn Pal

Adrienn Pál / Adrienn Pal
Adrienn Pál / Adrienn Pal
2010, 35 mm, Color (16th Festival on Wheels)

Ágnes Kocsis
Ágnes Kocsis, Andrea Roberti
Ádám Fillenz H.S.C.
Tamás Kollányi H.S.E.


Éva Gábor, István Znamenák, Ákos Horváth, Lia Pokorny, Izabella Hegyi
KMH Film (Hungary), LLA Films (The Netherlands), Freibeuterfilm (Austria), Cinema Defacto (France), Oblomova Film (Hungary)
Elle Driver, Julie Susset, 66, rue de Miromesnil 75008 Paris France T +33 1 5643 4875 | |

Piroska is an overweight, alienated nurse who can’t resist cream-filled pastries. She works in the terminal ward of a hospital; her life is surrounded by death. One day she sets off to find her long-lost childhood friend. While tracing her recollections, she embarks on a paradox-filled voyage within her own memory and the memory of those she encoun ters. “A voyage of self-discovery through the winding paths of memory .” “The film is an unusual, pedestrian/public transportation road movie, also offering a sort of cross-section of society as Piroska encounters entirely different lives and fates. From another perspective, it is an inner road movie, a story of development, showing the process through which Piroska comes to recognize herself, and simultaneously the manifold nature of reality and the subjectivity and relativity of memory. Piroska’s personality projects onto the film’s visual world. She is present in all shots, and gradually we find ourselves more and more inside her world: we start seeing with her eyes. Piroska’s inner self is showed through the abstraction of the film’s entire visuality - the combined effect of the set design, costumes and locations - creating a coherent colour and compositional world, complemented by an artificially created auditory world.” Ágnes Kocsis

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