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ARCHIVE - CINEMA - Majority / Çoğunluk

Majority / Çoğunluk
Majority / Çoğunluk
2010, 35 mm, Color (16th Festival on Wheels)

Seren Yüce
Seren Yüce
Barış Özbiçer
Mary Stephen


Bartu Küçükçağlayan, Settar Tanrıöğen, Nihal Koldaş, Esme Madra, Erkan Can
Sevil Demirci, Önder Çakar, Yeni Sinemacılık
The Match Factory, Balthasarstr. 79-81, 50670 Cologne Germany T +49 221 539 709-0 | |
Geleceğin Aslanı Ödülü Venedik • En İyi Film, En İyi Yönetmen, En İyi Erkek Oyuncu Antalya • En İyi Film, En İyi Erkek Oyuncu Mumbai
Twenty-one-year-old Mertkan has a stable but unfulfilling life in Istanbul: living at home with his parents, working as an office boy in his father‘s construction company, hanging out with his buddies in shopping malls and discos. When he meets Gül, a Kurdish girl from eastern Turkey, apathetic Mertkan begins to gain self-confidence, and he finally sees hope of breaking away from his oppressive parents. But Mertkan‘s domineering father opposes any association with “those people who only want to divide our country”. When Mertkan submits to his father in this, his first encounter with discrimination, he becomes destined to conform with the majority, to find meaning in the life his father has marked out for him, to become the man his father wants him to be. “The prime puppet of capitalism not only in Turkey, but all over the world, is the middle class. It’s they who define and create economic balances, they who both earn and spend the money. And ultimately, it’s the middle class that has shaped the balance of the world. The concept of ‘the majority’ comes from this. I thought it was time to consider the perspective not exclusively of the oppressed, but also of the oppressor, in other words to examine the life of the middle class.” Seren Yüce

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