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ARCHIVE - CINEMA - Merry-Go-Round / Atlıkarınca

Merry-Go-Round / Atlıkarınca
Merry-Go-Round / Atlıkarınca
2010, 35 mm, Color (16th Festival on Wheels)

İlksen Başarır
İlksen Başarır, Mert Fırat
Hayk Kırakosyan, R.G.C.
Erkan Özekan
Ahmet Kenan Bilgiç

Mert Fırat, Nergis Öztürk, Zeynep Oral, Sercan Badur
Hazal Dut, Zeynep Günay Melemez
Hazal Dut, Zeynep Günay Melemez
Best Script, Behlül Dal Special Jury Award Antalya
“The situation is not specific to Turkey; such cases also exist in the rest of the world. Although incest has different meanings in different cultures, it is almost always treated as invisible, a taboo which is not talked about and ignored (…)And for us, ignoring this problem is like taking a part in it. That’s why we wanted to make this movie, not to take part in this crime.” İlksen Başarır Erdem, Sevil and their children, Edip and Sevgi, live in a small town. But when Sevil’s mother has a stroke, they move to Istanbul and life begins changing. Edip has spent the last 10 years at boarding school and grown away from home, while Erdem is still chasing his lifelong dream of becoming a good writer. Noticing the sudden change in Sevgi’s behaviour, her moodiness and detachment, Sevil starts questioning certain incidents at home and discovers the dark secret behind Sevil’s closed doors. Erdem is killed in a car accident and his death unleashes more new secrets in the family. Sevil, who notices quickly changing behaviors, schizoid mood and unhappiness of Sevgi, interrogates some events experienced at home and then explores the dark secret behind the closed doors. Erdem dies in a traffic accident. His death causes new secrets to arise in the family.

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