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TEN BEST TURKISH FILMS  >>>  The Girl With Red Scarf

Turkey, 1977, 35mm, 90′, colour

Director Atıf Yılmaz
Script Ali Özgentürk (Cengiz Aytmatov’un romanından)
Photography Çetin Tunca
Music Cahit Berkay
Cast Türkan Şoray, Kadir İnanır, Ahmet Mekin, Nurhan Nur, Hülya Tuğlu
Production Yeşilçam Filmcilik İstiklal Cad. Bekar Sok. No: 12 / 1 Beyoğlu İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 252 79 13 Fax: +90 212 245 3508 e-mail:
Distribution Alfa Film, İstiklal Cad. Halep İşhanı No: 140, Kat: 5 Beyoğlu İstanbul Türkiye
Tel: +90 212 243 63 40 Fax: +90 212 245 35 08 e-mail:
Awards Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Second Film Antalya • Best Actress Taşkent

A classic and endlessly watchable love story that never dates… Inspired by the novel of acclaimed Soviet writer Cengiz Aytmatov, Atıf Yılmaz adapts one of history’s greatest love stories to the screen with the greatest finesse. It is said, in fact, that the French poet Aragon described The Girl With The Red Scarf as “the world’s greatest love story”.

We begin by being lured into the captivating world of İlyas, a truck driver who delivers sand to a dam construction, his newly acquired wife Asya and their young son Samet. But the legendary love affair between Asya and İlyas is soon shaken by jealousy, an alcohol habit and extra-marital affair. İlyas, who genuinely loves his wife but is hampered by an ever weakening character, ends up walking out when job-related problems come to a head. The helpless Asya is left with their son to cope alone. She waits patiently for her husband to return… Until she runs into Cemşit, a sympathetic figure who Samet soon begins to identify as his father. When she finally surrenders to his affections, life takes on an entirely new hue.

But then, years later, İlyas suddenly appears from nowhere, demanding his wife and child back. His arrival rekindles the questions that have preoccupied hearts and minds since time immemorial. What is love? What makes a lover? What makes a spouse? What makes a father?… And which is harder: to go back or not to go back?

The Girl With The Red Scarf stands out for its brilliant casting, the polished performances of its three leads, Türkan Şoray, Kadir İnanır and Ahmet Mekin, the refined direction of Atıf Yılmaz and highly effective score of Cahit Berkay. Be warned: this is a film that plays mercilessly on the heartstrings.

Tunca Arslan

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